Tooth Extractions Are No Longer Painful- Know All About Tooth Extraction!

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction is the process of removing a tooth by force from the dental socket in the alveolar bone. A tooth extraction sounds like a painful process to go through, but if you consult a good dental clinic, chances are you will not feel much. Check out to book your next tooth extraction visit and receive the best dental service from experienced dentists. Also, you can find More Here on the process of tooth extraction as well as some care measures you could take.

Why you should get your tooth extracted?

You need to get your tooth extracted if you suffer from the following:-

● Severe pain in the teeth due to decaying
● A broken or damaged tooth
● Too many teeth inside the mouth
● Loose or Detached tooth
● A tooth not coming out of the gum
● Milk Teeth not falling out in time. You need to take it out to let permanent teeth grow in its place.
● Tightly fitting wisdom tooth which results in swelling, pain, etc in the gums
● Tooth acting as a barrier for surgery or radiation therapy needs to be extracted for treatment.

If you face any of the above difficulties, then you should get an appointment with the dentist and consider getting it removed.

Process of Tooth Extraction

The method of extraction of teeth consists of the following steps:-

● The dentist will first examine your tooth and will take an X-ray of it. The X-ray will give him/her an idea of how deep the teeth are and which is the best possible way to extract it. The Dentist will also inquire you on your dental history, allergies, any diseases or conditions you suffer from, etc.
● Sometimes, prior to your extraction date, the dentist will prescribe you some antibiotics to take.
● Before extraction, the patient will be given local anesthesia to numb the tooth to be removed and the surrounding regions. General anesthesia is required for the removal of a wisdom tooth.
● In case of a simple extraction, the dentist will loosen the tooth using a dental tool called the elevator. The tool helps in detaching the tissues surrounding the tooth and thereby expand the socket in which the tooth is held. The tooth is then taken out using a pair of forceps.
● During surgical extraction which is a little bit complicated than a simple extraction, an incision is made on the gum to get the tooth out. Or if it is too large, then it might be broken into pieces to extract. If it is an impacted wisdom tooth, the surgeon will cut some gum and bone out. All these might be done after giving general anesthesia. The tooth will be then taken out using forceps. For a surgical extraction, the doctor might stitch the gum together after the extraction.
● Gauze will be placed above the teeth and you will be asked to hold it tightly between your teeth to stop the bleeding.

There will be a little bleeding after the surgery but it is nothing to worry about and might last a day at the farthest. You can take extra care for faster recovery after extraction. Try to take only liquid food for about 2 days. Do not brush vigorously in the region of extraction and avoid smoking a few days before and after extraction. You can also take painkillers as per your dentist’s suggestion.

In the case of unbearable pain or bleeding even after a week, you can always consult your dentist. A damaged or decayed tooth if not removed in time, can affect your other teeth as well. So get that tooth removed without any fear because you can be assured that tooth extraction is a pain-free process!

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

advantages of social media marketing

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