Potty Training Tips That Works

Potty Training

No matter how much you love your baby, training them to use the potty is very important. Nature’s call is unavoidable, but with a little effort, the child can be taught to use the potty and stop embarrassing you in front of your guest’s or during travel. Things can get worse if your baby does not know to use the potty, even after a certain age. This is the reason why parents should start potty training at the right age. In this article, we will give Potty Training Tips that Work for almost all the babies. For more info about the importance of potty training, you can visit the link provided here.

You should inform your child about the potty training, at least a week before you start. This will help the child to stay mentally prepared to face the practice. While shopping make sure to take your child along so that they pick a potty chair of their choice. Potty chairs are available in different designs, features, colors, and size. Make sure to choose one that is highly functional and also looks attractive to your baby.

You cannot expect your child to obey your order or instruction like a grown-up kid or adult. You have to bribe them and encourage them to follow your potty training instructions. You can encourage them by offering treats like organic chocolates or gifts, every time he or she has used the potty correctly. This kind of motivation and encouragement would make them use the potty appropriately.

During the first week of the training, you should make your child use the potty quite often, at least once every 20 minutes. This will help the baby get familiar with the potty, and he or she would remember the purpose of using a potty. Parents can also use the potty watches, which can make potty training fun.

You should praise your baby after he or she uses the potty successfully. It will certainly encourage the child to use the potty correctly in the future. At the same time, make sure that you don’t praise the child too much.

Accidents are bound to happen during different stages of the potty training. You have to acknowledge the accidents and move on. Acknowledging the accident allows the baby to realize that something undesirable has happened.

Babies love to have lots of fun. You can make the potty training fun and colorful by getting more creative. You may add food coloring to the toilet water or arrange some potty party.

Some babies, who are very comfortable with peeing on the potty will feel scared to relieve their poop. This is because some babies feel that some part of their body is falling. Some babies can be so impatient to use the toilet. In such cases, parents can get them to read some interesting books when they are using the potty.

It is essential for the parents to remain patient, till the end of the potty training. Things could be frustrating at times; however, you should not lose your patience and keep on trying, until your baby gets trained successfully.